14 september, 2011

Sjón – The Blue Fox (2009)

Islandi kauniskirjandust, ikka loodus ja eripärased inimesed ja muidu müstika. Downi sündroomiga südametemurdjanna, sinine polaarrebane, verejanuline kirikuõpetaja; lumi ja eriskummaline valgus.
Mingis mõttes naiselik tekst, ikka pikad ilulaused ja pisut ohkeid ja muidu üleüldine lummavus. Raamatu parim osa vast Halduri hallutsinatsioonid laviinivangis; segaseim ehk Fridriku ja femme fatale'i suhe.

“She sat on the earthen floor with her legs straight out in front of her, hunched over the tray like a rag doll. In one small hand she held a strip of potato peel that she was using to push together fish-skin and bread, which she then pinched, raised to her mouth and chewed conscientiously. She took a sip from the tin cup and heaved a sigh. At that point Fridrik felt he had seen more than enough of the unhappy creature. He fumbled for the cover to close the hatch, bumping his hand on the wall with a loud knock. The figure in the corner became aware of him. She looked up and met his eyes; she smiled and her smile doubled the happiness of the world.
But before he could nod in return, the smile vanished from her face and was at once replaced by a mask so tragic that Fridrik burst into tears.” (lk 57) 
“Now it was fortunate for Reverend Baldur that he was well wrapped up.
His mother, Nal Valdimarsdottir, had dressed him for the fox hunt. He wore thick, homespun undergarments, so well fulled that they could stand up on their own; a middle shirt of rabbit skin; two woollen sweaters, one light and the other very thick; Danish trousers; three pairs of knitted stockings; and unshaven sealskin shoes on his feet. Over all he wore leather trousers and leather coat, double-breasted with whalebone buttons.” (lk 86)


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