24 detsember, 2018

Gardner Dozois - The Year's Best Science Fiction 1-35 (1984-2018)

Maikuus haiguse tagajärjel siitilmast lahkunud Gardner Dozois’t jääb järele vägev antoloogiasari – tervelt 35 aastakäiku aasta parimate ingliskeelsete SF lugudega. Kui varem olen midagi kokku pannud Jonathan Strahani ja Rich Hortoni aasta parimate antoloogiate kohta, siis Dozois sari on nüüd lõplik.

Põhimõtteliselt võiks selle antoloogiasarja puhul näha sedagi, kuidas on toimunud ingliskeelses ulmes suurem põlvkondadevahetus – minu subjektiivsel nägemusel toimus massilisem sissetulek nii 25. antoloogia paiku, kui väga tihedalt hakkasid ilmuma selliste autorite nagu Lavie Tidhar, Elizabeth Bear, Aliette de Bodard, Jay Lake, Vandana Singh, Carrie Vaughn, Indradrapamit Das ja teiste tekstid (omaette nähtus on viimaste aastate lühiproosa lemmiklaps Rich Larson, kellelt ilmus 4 viimases antoloogias tervelt 7 lugu); eest kadusid ära näiteks Robert Silverberg ja Gene Wolfe ja Joe Haldeman ja teised saurused. Teine sarnane murdepunkt uute autorite lisandumisega on ehk 10.-15. antoloogia paiku (nt Stephen Baxter, Ian McDonald, Robert Reed, Alastair Reynolds, Geoff Ryman) – kuid see 25. murdepunkt on ehk erilisem seetõttu, et lisandus just hulgi uusi autoreid (ka neid, keda ilmuski vaid ühes antoloogias) ning rohkem ka tõlketekste (et siis, trükiajakirjanduse vähenemisega on kasvanud võrguajakirjanduse madalam valulävi ja seetõttu pääseb „trükki“ eripalgelisemaid tekste?).

Siiski on autoreid, kes ilmusid stabiilselt pea kogu sarja jooksul – nii on Bruce Sterlingut ilmunud esimesest viimase antoloogiani, sarnased veteranid on Nancy Kress (2-35), Michael Swanwick (2-35), Pat Murphy (1-34) ja James Patrick Kelly (2-34). Nende kõrval omakorda Dozois lemmikuks olnud Robert Reed, kelle tekste ilmus järjest antoloogiates 9-32 (noh, Reed on autor, kelle erilisust ma pole veel mõistnud). Ja noh, eks ole mõneti eriskummaline kohata niisuguste autorite lugusid, kes oleks nagu täiesti … teisest ajastust – Arthur C. Clarke, Brian Aldiss, Poul Anderson, James Tiptree jr, L. Sprague de Camp ja kes iganes veel.


Daniel Abraham: 22 Leviathan Wept; 33 Rates of Change; 35 The Hunger After You're Fed
David Ackert: 25 Stray
Brian W. Aldiss: 9 FOAM; 11 Friendship Bridge
Nina Allan: 28 Flying in the Face of God; 34 The Art of Space Travel
Pavel Amnuel: 32 White Curtain
Charlie Jane Anders: 34 Because Change Was the Ocean and We Lived by Her Mercy
Poul Anderson: 1 Vulcan's Forge; 13 Genesis
Eleanor Arnason: 17 Dapple: A Hwarhath Historical Romance; 19 Moby Quilt; 20 The Potter of Bones; 22 The Garden: A Hwarhath Science Fictional Romance; 28 Mammoths of the Great Plains: 30 Holmes Sherlock; 33  Ruins; 34 Checkerboard Planet; 35 Mines
Madeline Ashby: 33 A Stopped Clock; 35 Death on Mars


Paolo Bacigalupi: 21 The Fluted Girl; 22 The People of Sand and Slag; 23 The Calorie Man; 24 Yellow Card Man; 26 The Gambler; 32 Shooting the Apocalypse; 33 City of Ash; 34 Mika Model
Kage Baker: 17 Son Observe the Time; 20 The Hotel at Harlan's Landing; 21 Welcome to Olympus, Mr. Hearst; 22 Mother Aegypt; 24 Where the Golden Apples Grow; 25 Hellfire at Twilight; 28 The Books
Scott Baker: 4 Sea Change
Peter M. Ball: 29 Dying Young
Jessica Barber: 32 Coma Kings; 35 Pan-Humanism: Hope and Pragmatics
John Barnes: 24 Every Hole Is Outlined; 25 An Ocean Is a Snowflake, Four Billion Miles Away; 27 Things Undone; 29 Martian Heart; 33 Silence Like Diamonds
Steven Barnes: 34 Fifty Shades of Grays
Neal Barrett, Jr.: 4 Sallie C.; 5 Perpetuity Blues; 5 Diner; 7 Winter on the Belle Fourche; 10 The Last Cardinal Bird in Tennessee; 11 Cush
William Barton: 14  Changes; 16 Down in the Dark; 21 Off on a Starship
Christopher Barzak: 30 Invisible Men
Stephen Baxter: 11 Lieserl; 12 Cilia-of-Gold; 14 In the MSOB; 15 Moon Six; 16 Saddlepoint: Roughneck; 17 People Came from Earth; 18 On the Orion Line; 22 Mayflower II; 23 The Children of Time; 24 The Pacific Mystery; 25 Last Contact; 26 Turing's Apples; 28 Return to Titan; 29 The Invasion of Venus; 31 Earth I; 34 Mars Abides
Peter S. Beagle: 29 The Way It Works Out and All
Elizabeth Bear: 23 Two Dreams on Trains; 24 The Ile of Dogges; 25 Tideline; 26 Boojum; 27 Mongoose; 29 Dolly; 30 In the House of Aryaman, a Lonely Signal Burns; 30 The Wreck of the "Charles Dexter Ward"; 32 The Hand is Quicker; 32 Covenant
Greg Bear: 1 Hardfought; 1 Blood Music; 4 Tangents
Ned Beauman: 33 It Takes More Muscles to Frown
Chris Beckett: 9 La Macchina; 19 Marcher; 20 To Become a Warrior; 23 Piccadilly Circus; 28 The Peacock Cloak
M. Shayne Bell: 18 The Thing About Benny; 21 Anomalous Structures of My Dreams
R. S. Benedict: 35 My English Name
Gregory Benford: 6 Alphas; 9 Matter's End; 14 Immersion; 15 A Cold Dry Cradle; 20 The Clear Blue Seas of Luna; 24 Bow Shock; 25 Dark Heaven; 34 Vortex
Lauren Beukes: 32 Slipping
Michael Bishop: 5 For Thus Do I Remember Carthage; 12 Cri de Coeur; 30 Twenty Lights to "The Land of Snow"
Terry Bisson: 8 Bears Discover Fire; 10 Two Guys from the Future; 12 The Hole in the Hole; 13 There Are No Dead; 21 Dear Abbey; 22 Scout's Honor
James P. Blaylock: 3 Paper Dragons; 14 Thirteen Phantasms
Michael Blumlein: 19 Know How, Can Do
Ben Bova: 17 Mount Olympus
Chaz Brenchley: 32 The Burial of Sir John Mawe at Cassini; 33 The Astrakhan, the Homburg, and the Red Red Coal
Alan Brennert: 7 The Third Sex; 15 Echoes
Damien Broderick: 14  Schrödinger's Dog; 27  This Wind Blowing, and This Tide; 28 Under the Moons of Venus; 29 The Beancounter's Cat; 31 Quicken
Keith Brooke: 25 The Accord
Simon Brown: 15 The Masque of Agamemnon
John Brunner: 8 The First Since Ancient Persia
Karl Bunker: 27 Under the Shouting Sky; 31 Gray Wings; 32 The Woman from the Ocean; 34 They Have All One Breath
Octavia E. Butler: 2 Bloodchild; 5 The Evening and the Morning and the Night


Pat Cadigan: 1 Nearly Departed; 2 Rock On; 3 Roadside Rescue; 4 Pretty Boy Crossover; 4 Angel; 6 It Was the Heat; 9 Dispatches from the Revolution; 10 Naming Names; 11 Love Toys of the Gods; 12 Paris in June; 13  Death in the Promised Land; 25 Nothing Personal; 28  The Taste of Night; 29 Cody; 30 The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi
Jack Cady: 11 The Night We Buried Road Dog
James L. Cambias: 22 The Ocean of the Blind; 26 Balancing Accounts
Orson Scott Card: 3 The Fringe; 4 Hatrack River; 5 America
Michael Cassutt: 14 The Longer Voyage; 19 More Adventures on Other Planets
Ted Chiang: 8 Tower of Babylon; 16 Story of Your Life; 25 The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate
Rob Chilson: 16 This Side of Independence
Jérôme Cigut: 32  The Rider
Maggie Clark: 34 A Tower for the Coming World
Arthur C. Clarke: 10 The Hammer of God
Matthew Claxton: 34 Patience Lake
Hal Clement: 17 Exchange Rate
Brenda W. Clough: 19 May Be Some Time
D. J. Cockburn: 32 Beside the Damned River
Rick Cook: 18 Obsidian Harvest
Brenda Cooper: 28 My Father's Singularity
Burt Courtier: 35 Assassins
Jim Cowan: 14 The Spade of Reason
Albert E. Cowdrey: 18 Crux; 22 The Tribes of Bela; 27 Paradiso Lost
Richard Cowper: 2 A Message to the King of Brobdingnag
Ian Creasey: 27 Erosion
John Crowley: 3 Snow; 7 Great Work of Time


Tony Daniel: 14 A Dry, Quiet War; 14 The Robot's Twilight Companion; 16 Grist
Jack Dann: 1 Blind Shemmy; 2 Bad Medicine; 4 Tattoos; 9 Voices
Indrapramit Das: 30 Weep for Day; 33 The Muses of Shuyedan-18; 35 The Moon Is Not a Battlefield; 35 The Wordless
Avram Davidson: 1 Full Chicken Richness; 3 Duke Pasquale's Ring; 7 The Odd Old Bird
Colin P. Davies: 2 The Defenders
Aliette de Bodard: 26 Butterfly, Falling at Dawn; 28 The Shipmaker; 30 Ship's Brother; 31 The Waiting Stars; 32 The Days of the War, as Red as Blood, as Dark as Bile; 33 Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight; 33 The Citadel of Weeping Pearls; 34 A Salvaging of Ghosts; 35 The Dragon That Flew Out of the Sun
L. Sprague de Camp: 10 The Round-Eyed Barbarians
Craig DeLancey: 34 Redking
A. M. Dellamonica: 24 The Town on Blighted Sea
Bradley Denton: 10 The Territory
Paul Di Filippo: 19 Neutrino Drag; 21 And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon; 22 Sisyphus and the Stranger
Nicholas A. DiChario: 21 Dragonhead
Cory Doctorow: 16 Craphound; 24 I, Row-Boat; 28 Chicken Little; 32 The Man Who Sold the Moon
Paul Doherty: 34 Cold Comfort
Terry Dowling: 21 Flashmen
Brendan DuBois: 22 Falling Star; 31 Hard Stars
Tananarive Due: 18 Patient Zero
Andy Duncan: 19 The Chief Designer; 30 Close Encounters


George Alec Effinger: 6 Schrödinger's Kitten
Greg Egan: 8 The Caress; 8 Learning to Be Me; 9 Blood Sisters; 9 The Moat; 10 Dust; 11 Chaff; 12 Cocoon; 13 Luminous; 13 Wang's Carpets; 15 Reasons to Be Cheerful; 15  Yeyuka; 16 Oceanic; 17 Border Guards; 18 Oracle; 20 Singleton; 24 Riding the Crocodile; 25 Glory; 25 Steve Fever; 26 Crystal Nights; 31 Zero for Conduct; 32 Shadow Flock; 35 Uncanny Valley
Timons Esaias: 32 Sadness


Gregory Feeley: 14 The Weighing of Ayre
Jaine Fenn: 35 The Martian Job
Charles Coleman Finlay: 20 The Political Officer; 26 The Political Prisoner
Eliot Fintushel: 12 Ylem; 18 Milo and Sylvie
Michael F. Flynn: 5 The Forest of Time; 12 Melodies of the Heart; 13 The Promise of God; 22 The Clapping Hands of God; 29  The Iron Shirts; 33 In Panic Town, on the Backward Moon; 35 Nexus
Alan Dean Foster: 6 Sanctuary
Karen Joy Fowler: 3 The Lake Was Full of Artificial Things; 4 The Gate of Ghosts; 5 The Faithful Companion at Forty; 9 The Dark
Ty Franck: 33 Rates of Change; 35 The Hunger After You're Fed
Robert Frazier: 8 The All-Consuming


R. Garcia y Robertson: 5 The Moon of Popping Trees
James Alan Gardner: 26 The Ray-Gun: A Love Story
David Gerrold: 23 In the Quake Zone; 34 The Further Adventures of Mr. Costello
William Gibson: 2 New Rose Hotel; 3 Dogfight; 4 The Winter Market; 9 Skinner's Room
Carolyn Ives Gilman: 15 Frost Painting; 19 The Real Thing; 24 Okanoggan Falls; 29  The Ice Owl; 34 Touring with the Alien
William Gleason: 30 Nightfall on the Peak of Eternal Light
Molly Gloss: 2 Interlocking Pieces; 8 Personal Silence; 20 Lambing Season
Lisa Goldstein: 12 Split Light
Steven Gould: 6 Peaches for Mad Molly; 27 A Story, with Beans
Dominic Green: 21 Send Me a Mentagram; 23 The Clockwork Atom Bomb; 26 Shining Armour; 27 Butterfly Bomb
Daryl Gregory: 23 Second Person, Present Tense; 24 Damascus; 26  The Illustrated Biography of Lord Grimm
Nicola Griffith: 27 It Takes Two
Jim Grimsley: 16 Free in Asveroth; 19 Into Greenwood
Robert Grossbach: 17 Of Scorned Women and Causal Loops
Eileen Gunn: 6 Stable Strategies for Middle Management


Joe Haldeman: 1 Manifest Destiny; 3 More Than the Sum of His Parts; 8 The Hemingway Hoax; 10 Graves; 11 Feedback; 12 None So Blind; 13 For White Hill; 23 Angel of Light; 28 Sleeping Dogs
Peter F. Hamilton: 15  Escape Route; 18 The Suspect Genome; 22 Footvote
Nick Harkaway: 33 Billy Tumult
M. John Harrison: 17 Suicide Coast; 22 Tourism
Jim Hawkins: 28 Chimbwi; 29 Digital Rites
Samantha Henderson: 34 My Generations Shall Praise
Ernest Hogan: 18 Obsidian Harvest
Dafydd ab Hugh: 8 The Coon Rolled Down and Ruptured His Larinks, A Squeezed Novel by Mr. Skunk
Dave Hutchinson: 29 The Incredible Exploding Man


Simon Ings: 15 Open Viens; 19 Russian Vine
Alexander Irvine: 20 Agent Provocateur; 27 Seventh Fall


Alexander Jablokov: 5 At the Cross-Time Jaunters' Ball; 7 A Deeper Sea; 8 The Death Artist; 9 Living Will; 28  Blind Cat Dance; 31 Bad Day on Boscobel
Lukas Jaeger: 10 The Elvis National Theater of Okinawa
Kelly Jennings: 35 The History of the Invasion Told in Five Dogs
Vina Jie-Min Prasad: 35 A Series of Steaks
Bill Johnson: 15 We Will Drink a Fish Together ...; 34 When the Stone Eagle Flies; 35 Whending My Way Back Home
Kij Johnson: 29 The Man Who Bridged the Mist
Gwyneth Jones: 14 Red Sonja and Lessingham in Dreamland; 15 Balinese Dancer; 16 La Cenerentola; 23 The Fulcrum; 25  Saving Tiamaat; 26 The Voyage Out; 29 The Vicar of Mars; 33 Emergence


Janet Kagan: 7 The Loch Moose Monster
Richard Kearns: 4 Grave Angels
James Patrick Kelly: 2 Friend; 3 Solstice; 4 The Prisoner of Chillon; 5 Glass Cloud; 6 Home Front; 8 Mr. Boy; 9 Pogrom; 13 Think Like a Dinosaur; 15 Itsy Bitsy Spider; 17 10 to 16 to 1; 19 Undone; 22 Men Are Trouble; 23 Burn; 31 The Promise of Space; 32 Someday; 34 One Sister, Two Sisters, Three
Leigh Kennedy: 1 Her Furry Face; 19 One-Horse Town
Katharine Kerr: 12 Asylum
John Kessel: 1 Hearts Do Not in Eyes Shine; 2 Friend; 4 The Pure Product; 6 Mrs. Shummel Exits a Winner; 8 Invaders; 13 Some Like It Cold; 14 The Miracle of Ivar Avenue; 15 Gulliver at Home; 18 The Juniper Tree; 20 Stories for Men; 21 It's All True; 27 Events Preceding the Helvetican Renaissance; 32 Consolation
Caitlín R. Kiernan: 22 Riding the White Bull
William King: 7 Visiting the Dead
David B. Kisor: 11 Whispers
Ellen Klages: 32 Amicae Aeternum
David Klecha: 29 A Militant Peace
Damon Knight: 4 Strangers on Paradise
Kathe Koja: 6 Distances; 7 Skin Deep; 9 Angels in Love; 10 By the Mirror of My Youth; 34 KIT: Some Assembly Required
Ted Kosmatka: 25 The Prophet of Flores; 26  N-Words; 27 Blood Dauber; 28 In-Fall; 34 The One Who Isn't
Mary Robinette Kowal: 26 Evil Robot Monkey
Stephen Kraus: 6 Emissary
Nancy Kress: 2 Trinity; 3 Out of All Them Bright Stars; 6 In Memoriam; 7 The Price of Oranges; 8 Inertia; 9 Beggars in Spain; 10 The Mountain to Mohammed; 11 Dancing on Air; 12 Margin of Error; 13 Feigenbaum Number; 14 The Flowers of Aulit Prison; 15  Steamship Soldier on the Information Front; 18 Savior; 19 Computer Virus; 20 The Most Famous Little Girl in the World; 21 Ej-Es; 22 Shiva in Shadow; 25 Laws of Survival; 26 The Erdmann Nexus; 27 Act One; 31 Pathways; 31 One; 32 Yesterday's Kin; 33 Machine Learning; 35 Dear Sarah; 35 Canoe
Naomi Kritzer: 35 Waiting Out the End of the World in Patty's Place Cafe
Derek Künsken: 34 Flight from the Ages


R. A. Lafferty: 1 Golden Gate; 2 Company in the Wings; 3 Magazine Section
Jay Lake: 23 The Canadian Who Came Almost All the Way Back from the Stars; 24 The Big Ice; 26 The Sky That Wraps the World Round, Past the Blue and Into the Black; 27 On the Human Plan; 28 The Starship Mechanic; 29 A Long Way Home; 30 The Stars Do Not Lie; 31 Rock of Ages; 32 West to East
Geoffrey A. Landis: 9 A Walk in the Sun; 15 Winter Fire; 16 Approaching Perimelasma; 21 The Eyes of America; 28 The Sultan of the Clouds
Rich Larson: 32 God Decay; 33 Meshed; 33 Ice; 34 Jonas and the Fox; 34 Innumerable Glimmering Lights; 35 An Evening with Severyn Grimes; 35 There Used to Be Olive Trees
Chris Lawson: 16 Unborn Again; 17 Written in Blood; 29 Canterbury Hollow
Ursula K. Le Guin: 2 The Trouble with the Cotton People; 5 Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight; 8 The Shobies' Story; 12 Forgiveness Day; 12 The Matter of Seggri; 13 A Woman's Liberation; 13 Coming of Age in Karhide; 16 The Island of the Immortals; 18 The Birthday of the World
Ann Leckie: 33 Another Word for World
Rand B. Lee: 1 Knight of Shallows; 27 Three Leaves of Aloe
Tanith Lee: 1 Nunc Dimittis; 2 Foreign Skins; 4 Into Gold; 16 Jedella Ghost; 17 The Sky-Green Blues
Yoon Ha Lee: 28 Flower, Mercy, Needle, Chain; 29 Ghostweight
Jonathan Lethem: 8 Walking the Moons; 10 The Elvis National Theater of Okinawa; 14 How We Got in Town and Out Again
David D. Levine: 24 I Hold My Father's Paws
Shariann Lewitt: 34 Fieldwork
Megan Lindholm: 7 Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man; 30 Old Paint
Ken Liu: 31 The Plague; 32 The Regular; 32 The Long Haul, from The Annals of Transportation,The Pacific Monthly, May 2009; 34 Dispatches from the Cradle: The Hermit - Forty-Eight Hours in the Sea of Massachusetts
Richard A. Lovett: 30 Nightfall on the Peak of Eternal Light
Elizabeth A. Lynn: 2 At the Embassy Club


Ian R. MacLeod: 8 Past Magic; 9 Marnie; 10 Grownups; 10 Snodgrass; 11 Papa, 13 Starship Day; 15 Nevermore; 16 The Summer Isles; 19 New Light on the Drake Equation; 19 Isabel of the Fall; 20 Breathmoss; 28 Re-Crossing the Styx; 29 The Cold Step Beyond; 31 The Discovered Country; 31 Entangled; 34 The Visitor from Taured
Ken MacLeod: 19 The Human Front; 23 A Case of Consilience; 24 The Highway Men; 25 Lighting Out; 29 Earth Hour; 29 The Vorkuta Event
Tom Maddox: 4 Snake-Eyes; 10 Gravity's Angel
Elisabeth Malartre: 15 A Cold Dry Cradle
Brit Mandelo: 30 The Finite Canvas
Joseph Manzione: 5 Candle in a Cosmic Wind
George R. R. Martin: 1 The Monkey Treatment; 3 Under Siege
David Marusek: 13 We Were Out of Our Minds with Joy; 15 Getting to Know You; 17 The Wedding Album
Bruce McAllister: 5 Dream Baby; 6 The Girl Who Loved Animals; 24 Kin
Paul J. McAuley: 5 The Temporary King; 9 Gene Wars; 13 Recording Angel; 15 Second Skin; 16 Sea Change, with Monsters; 17 How We Lost the Moon, a True Story by Frank W. Allen; 18 Reef; 19 The Two Dicks; 20 The Passenger; 24 Dead Men Walking; 26 Incomers; 26 City of the Dead; 27 Crimes and Glory; 29 The Choice, 30 The Man; 30 Macy Minnot's Last Christmas on Dione, Ring Racing, Fiddler's Green, the Potter's Garden, 31 Transitional Forms; 33 Planet of Fear; 34 Elves of Antarctica
Una McCormack: 25 Sea Change
Jack McDevitt: 1 Cryptic; 2 Promises to Keep
Ian McDonald: 8 Rainmaker Cometh; 9 Fragments of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria; 10 The Best and the Rest of James Joyce; 14 Recording Angel; 15 After Kerry; 16 The Days of Solomon Gursky; 18  Tendeléo's Story; 20  The Old Cosmonaut and the Construction Worker Dream of Mars; 23 The Little Goddess; 24 The Djinn's Wife; 25  Verthandi's Ring; 25 Sanjeev and Robotwallah; 26 An Eligible Boy; 26 The Tear; 27 Vishnu at the Cat Circus; 29  Digging; 31 The Queen of Night's Aria; 32 The Fifth Dragon; 33 The Falls: A Luna Story; 33 Botanica Veneris: Thirteen Papercuts by Ida Countess Rathangan; 34 Women's Christmas
Sandra McDonald: 31 Fleet
Michael McDowell: 5 Halley's Passing
Ian McHugh: 34 The Baby Eaters; 35 Triceratops
Maureen F. McHugh: 10 Protection; 11 Whispers; 12 Nekropolis; 13 The Lincoln Train; 14 The Cost to Be Wise; 19 Interview: On Any Given Day; 20 Presence; 26  Special Economics; 27 Useless Things; 29 After the Apocalypse; 35 Sidewalks
Vonda N. McIntyre: 23 Little Faces
Sean McMullen: 30 Steamgothic; 31 Technarion; 33 The Audience; 35 The Influence Machine
John Meaney: 20 The Whisper of Disks
Paul Melko: 21 Singletons in Love; 22 Ten Sigmas
Sam J. Miller: 33 Calved; 34 Things with Beards
Judith Moffett: 4 Surviving; 6 The Hob; 7 Tiny Tango; 21 The Bear's Baby
Mary Anne Mohanraj: 32  Communion
David Moles: 22 The Third Party; 23 Planet of the Amazon Women; 25 Finisterra; 28 Seven Cities of Gold; 29 A Soldier of the City; 30 Chitai Heiki Koronbin
Sarah Monette: 24 The Ile of Dogges; 26 Boojum; 27 Mongoose; 30 The Wreck of the "Charles Dexter Ward"
Michael Moorcock: 8 The Cairene Purse
Sunny Moraine: 31 A Heap of Broken Images
Silvia Moreno-Garcia: 35 Prime Meridian
Derryl Murphy: 23 Mayfly
Pat Murphy: 1 In the Islands; 5 Rachel in Love; 8 Love and Sex Among the Invertebrates; 9 Desert Rain; 22 Inappropriate Behavior; 34 Cold Comfort


Ray Nayler: 35 Winter Timeshare
Ruth Nestvold: 23 The Canadian Who Came Almost All the Way Back from the Stars; 24 The Big Ice
Alec Nevala-Lee: 29 The Boneless One; 35 The Proving Ground
Kim Newman: 6 Famous Monsters; 9 Übermensch!
Garth Nix: 26  Old Friends
Val Nolan: 31 The Irish Astronaut
G. David Nordley: 11 Into the Miranda Rift; 15 Crossing Chao Meng Fu
Naomi Novik: 28 Seven Years from Home


Finbarr O'Reilly: 35 The Last Boat-Builder in Ballyvoloon
Rebecca Ore: 11 Alien Bootlegger


Suzanne Palmer: 35 Number Thirty-Nine Skink
Susan Palwick: 5 Ever After; 18 Going After Bobo; 32 Weather
Paul Park: 14 The Last Homosexual
Severna Park: 18 The Cure for Everything
Frederik Pohl: 2 The Kindly Isle; 3 Fermi and Frost; 10 Outnumbering the Dead; 17 Hatching the Phoenix
Michael Poore: 27 Blood Dauber
Steven Popkes: 7 The Egg; 20 Winters Are Hard; 21 The Ice; 23 The Great Caruso; 28 Jackie's Boy; 30 Sudden, Broken, and Unexpected
Gareth L. Powell: 32 Red Lights, and Rain
Tim Powers: 4 Night Moves
Tom Purdom: 25 The Mists of Time; 29 A Response from EST17


Hannu Rajaniemi: 23 Deus Ex Homine; 26 His Master's Voice; 28 Elegy for a Young Elk; 30 Tyche and the Ants
Paul Graham Raven: 32 Los Piratas del Mar de Plastico (Pirates of the Plastic Ocean)
Robert Reed: 9 Pipes; 10 Birth Day; 11 Guest of Honor; 12 The Remoras; 13 A Place with Shade; 14 Chrysalis; 15 Marrow; 16 The Cuckoo's Boys; 17 Winemaster; 19 Raven Dream; 20 Coelacanths; 21 Night of Time; 22 The Dragons of Summer Gulch; 23 Camouflage; 24 Good Mountain; 25 Roxie; 26  Five Thrillers; 27 Before My Last Breath; 28 A History of Terraforming; 28 Dead Man's Run; 29 The Ants of Flanders; 30 Katabasis; 30 Eater-of-Bone; 31 Precious Mental; 32 Blood Wedding; 35 The Residue of Fire
Mike Resnick: 6 Kirinyaga; 7 For I Have Touched the Sky; 9 One Perfect Morning, with Jackals; 11 Mwalimu in the Squared Circle; 12 Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge; 14 The Land of Nod; 17 Hothouse Flowers
Alastair Reynolds: 15 A Spy in Europa; 17 Galactic North; 18 Great Wall of Mars; 19 Glacial; 20 Turquoise Days; 23 Beyond the Aquila Rift; 23 Zima Blue; 24 Signal to Noise; 24  Nightingale; 25 The Sledge-Maker's Daughter; 26 The Six Directions of Space; 28 Sleepover; 29 Ascension Day; 30 The Water Thief; 31 A Map of Mercury; 32 In Babelsberg; 34 Sixteen Questions for Kamala Chatterjee; 34 The Iron Tactician; 35 Night Passage
Mark Rich: 11 On the Collection of Humans
Mercurio D. Rivera: 34 Those Brighter Stars
Chris Roberson: 23 Gold Mountain; 25 The Sky Is Large and the Earth Is Small; 27 Edison's Frankenstein
Adam Roberts: 27 Hair; 30 What Did Tessimond Tell You?; 32 Thing and Sick
Kim Stanley Robinson: 1 Black Air; 2 The Lucky Strike; 3 Green Mars; 4 Down and Out in the Year 2000; 5 Mother Goddess of the World; 6 Glacier; 9 A History of the Twentieth Century, with Illustrations; 17 A Martian Romance
Kelly Robson: 33 The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill; 35 We Who Live in the Heart
Benjamin Rosenbaum: 22 Start the Clock, 24 The House Beyond Your Sky; 25 Stray; 33 The First Gate of Logic
Mary Rosenblum: 12 California Dreamer; 13 Casting at Pegasus; 22 Skin Deep; 23 Search Engine; 24 Home Movies; 26 The Egg Man; 27 Lion Walk
Christopher Rowe: 22 The Voluntary State
Kristine Kathryn Rusch: 6 Skin Deep; 9 The Gallery of His Dreams; 21 June Sixteenth at Anna's; 25 Craters; 26 G-Men; 33 Inhuman Garbage
Geoff Ryman: 12 Dead Space for the Unexpected; 13 Home; 17 Everywhere; 19 Have Not Have; 20 V.A.O.; 21 Birth Days; 26 Days of Wonder; 27 Blocked; 29 What We Found; 31 Rosary and Goldenstar; 33 Capitalism in the 22nd Century or A.I.r.; 34 Those Shadows Laugh


Sara Saab: 35 Pan-Humanism: Hope and Pragmatics
Robert Sampson: 7 Relationships
William Sanders: 12 Going After Old Man Alabama; 13 Elvis Bearpaw's Luck; 15 The Undiscovered; 19 When This World Is All on Fire; 22 Sitka; 23 Amba
James Sarafin: 33 Trapping the Pleistocene
Ken Scholes: 28 The Starship Mechanic

Carter Scholz: 33 Gypsy; 34 KIT: Some Assembly Required; 35 Vanguard 2.0
Karl Schroeder: 17 The Dragon of Pripyat; 26 The Hero; 29 Laika's Ghost; 32 Jubilee
Melissa Scott: 31 Finders; 34 Firstborn, Lastborn
Gord Sellar: 26  Lester Young and the Jupiter's Moons' Blues; 34 Prodigal
Charles Sheffield: 7 Out of Copyright; 8 A Braver Thing; 11 Georgia on My Mind; 14 The Lady Vanishes; 17 Phallicide
Rick Shelley: 9 Eyewall
Lucius Shepard: 2 Salvador; 2 Black Coral; 3 The Jaguar Hunter; 3 A Spanish Lesson; 4 R & R; 5 Shades; 6 The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter; 7 The Ends of the Earth; 8 The All-Consuming; 18 Radiant Green Star
Lewis Shiner: 2 Twilight Time; 3 The War at Home; 4 Jeff Beck; 6 Love in Vain; 8 White City
Martin L. Shoemaker: 31 Murder on the Aldrin Express; 33 Today I Am Paul
William Shunn: 21 Strong Medicine
Robert Silverberg: 1 Multiples; 2 The Affair; 3 Sailing to Byzantium; 4 Against Babylon; 5 The Pardoner's Tale; 6 House of Bones; 7 Tales from the Venia Woods; 7 Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another; 8 Hot Sky; 9 A Tip on a Turtle; 10 A Long Night's Vigil at the Temple; 14 Death Do Us Part; 15 Beauty in the Night; 17 A Hero of the Empire; 25 Against the Current
Dan Simmons: 1 Carrion Comfort; 11 Flashback; 13 Looking for Kelly Dahl; 19 On K2 with Kanakaredes
Vandana Singh: 22 Delhi; 25 Of Love and Other Monsters; 27 Infinities; 30 Ruminations in an Alien Tongue; 32 Entanglement
Jack Skillingstead: 21 Dead Worlds; 24 Life on the Preservation; 35 Assassins
David Alexander Smith: 6 Dying in Hull
S. P. Somtow: 4 Fiddling for Waterbuffaloes; 7 Lottery Night
Bud Sparhawk: 14 Primrose and Thorn
William Browning Spencer: 11 A Child's Christmas in Florida; 16 The Halfway House at the Heart of Darkness
Brian Stableford: 6 The Man Who Loved the Vampire Lady; 6 The Growth of the House of Usher; 7 The Magic Bullet; 12 Les Fleurs Du Mal; 13 Mortimer Gray's "History of Death"; 15 The Pipes of Pan; 18 Snowball in Hell; 25 The Immortals of Atlantis
Justin Stanchfield: 24 In the River; 25 Beyond the Wall
Allen Steele: 13 The Death of Captain Future; 19 The Days Between; 28 The Emperor of Mars; 31 Martian Blood; 32 The Prodigal Son; 33 The Children of Gal
Bruce Sterling: 1 Cicada Queen; 2 Sunken Gardens; 3 Green Days in Brunei; 3 Dinner in Audoghast; 4 The Beautiful and the Sublime; 5 Flowers of Edo; 6 Our Neural Chernobyl; 7 Visiting the Dead; 8 We See Things Differently; 11 Sacred Cow; 14 Bicycle Repairman; 16 Taklamakan; 20 In Paradise; 23 The Blemmye's Strategem; 25 Kiosk; 27 Black Swan; 35 Elephant on Table
Charles Stross: 18  Antibodies; 18 A Colder War; 19 Lobsters; 20 Halo; 21 Rogue Farm
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Rachel Swirsky: 28 Again and Again and Again; 32 Grand Jeté (The Great Leap)
S. C. Sykes: 3 Rockabye Baby


Lavie Tidhar: 27 The Integrity of the Chain; 28  The Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String; 28 The Night Train; 29 The Smell of Orange Groves; 30 The Memcordist; 30 Under the Eaves; 31 The Book Seller; 31 Only Human; 32 Vladimir Chong Chooses to Die; 34 Terminal; 34 The Vanishing Kind; 35 The Road to the Sea
Lois Tilton: 9 A Just and Lasting Peace
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Steven Utley: 10 The Glowing Cloud; 11 There and Then; 14 The Wind Over the World; 18 The Real World


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Greg van Eekhout: 24 Far As You Can Go
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